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44 Millions of Shia marching across the world to Karbala for Arba’een rituals

44 Millions of Shia marching across the world to Karbala for Arba’een rituals

The Arbaeen, which marks the end of the 40-day period of mourning after the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain’s [SA], son of Hazrat Ali is considered one of the largest religious gatherings in the world on 21st November 2016 in the Holy city of Karbala, Iraq.

“The number of Arab and foreign pilgrims has reached 8 million, of 70 different nationalities, the biggest contingent being 10 Millions Iranians,” “And until today, we had 26 million Iraqis,” In this year from Hyderabad about 800 and 10,000 from Indian pilgrims for ziyarat, gather to pay their most auspicious and humble homage to the greatest Martyr on Earth (Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S. The Grandson of the Holy Prophet Mohammad S.A.W.S. who sacrificed his life in the reins of Karbala with 72 of his companions including a six month old baby boy Ali- Al-Asghar (A.S.) who was killed by Hurmala by Piercion of an arrow which was three headed with sharp edges which pierced the neck of the baby Martyr, as he was also thirsty along with others for the last 3 days uptill the day of Ashoora ( the 10th day of Muharram).

This comes as millions of visitors have been walking to Karbala from all over Iraq, and large numbers from across the Iranian border, for days. The Iraqi authorities had reported already last week that at least 10 million Iranians, the largest number on record, had come to Iraq for Arbaeen this year. The crowds are so huge, but the governor of Karbala said it was the largest attendance ever.

The most important point we want to highlight before your good self is that; every year on the very auspicious day of Arba’een; about 44 Million Pilgrims (about four crores) gather in Holy city of Karbala, Iraq on the eve of Arbaeen i.e. 20th of November, 2016. This is the world’s largest single day religions gathering.

Mir Firasath Ali Baqri General Secretary Hyderi Education and Social welfare Society said the number of visitors was so high the country’s top brass had to revise its security plan and open new access routes to the Holy city of Karbala, a medium-sized city about 70 kilometers south of the capital Baghdad. The flood comes only weeks after a major victory against the ISIS, Jihadists in the Jurf al-Sakhr area between Karbala and Baghdad. “This is the biggest. It’s exceptional because the pilgrims consider this as an act of defiance in the face of the terrorist gangs of ISIS, Daesh.

“Despite the serious threat of terrorism that prevails in Iraq at the moment, pilgrims are still flocking in their millions to visit Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and nothing will keep them away,” said Mir Firasath Ali Baqri, General Secretary for the Hyderi Educational Society in press conference, Hyderabad.

“Arbaeen requires a huge level of co-operation matching the size of the visit and the ministries of oil and transport have a big role to play in this success,” said the governor of Karbala, Akeel al-Turaihi. Iraq’s Transport Minister Kazem Finjan has spoken of his department’s preparations ahead of one of the world’s largest movements of people. “We sent 300 double-decker buses and 100 single-floor buses to transport visitors into the city and 500 large trucks to take visitors out after the completion of the rituals”.

The ministry has also organised onward travel for pilgrims after the procession, with more than 24 trains designated to transport passengers to Basra and another 12 trains to take visitors on to Baghdad.

Iran’s Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is ready to provide free medical and rescue services to Pilgrims participating in Arbaeen walk from the holy city of Najaf to Karbala.

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