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APEPDCL told to pay compensation

APEPDCL told to pay compensation

Visakhapatnam: District Consumers’ Forum-1 directed Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Company Limited (APEPDCL) including CMD and CGM (O&CS) of Vizag, staff and lineman R V Jagannadha Rao from Srikakulam to pay jointly Rs 75,000 towards the cost of cows to the proprietor of S L G Dairy, Srikakulam G Srinivasa Rao with 9 per cent of interest from the date of filing the complaint till the date of realisation for deficiency in service. It also asked to pay a compensation of Rs 50,000 for the mental agony suffered and Rs 5,000 towards legal costs to be paid in two months time. As per the facts of the case, the complainant Srinivasa Rao has been running S L G Dairy Farm at Vusavanipet in Amudalavalasa near Srikakulam. He lodged a complaint to AE (rural) and AE (Ops) against the lineman, who was regularly demanding bribes. Keeping grudge, the lineman disconnected the power supply on June 22, 2012 without the knowledge of the proprietor. Rao filed a complaint for restoration of power supply and later, came to know that the wire and jumpers connecting the span pole were removed.
When the lineman admitted that he himself has removed the wire and jumpers, the complainant informed him that there are poisonous snakes around the dairy farm and may harm cattle. As there was no response from the lineman, he complained to the AE (rural), Srikakulam. Meanwhile, one of the cows fell sick due to an insect bite and another cow died of a snake bite on July 8, 2012. However, the power supply was restored on July 9, 2012. The complainant claimed that snakes would not have entered his farm, if there was power supply. He got issued registered notice to all the opposite parties on February 27, 2015 demanding the cost of two cows and compensation for the agony. Assistant engineer (rural), Srikakulam filed a counter which was adopted by the remaining six opposite parties denying the contents of the notice. It said that the Vizag Forum has no jurisdiction to handle the petition as the complaint is from Amudalavalasa and service obtained from Srikakulam. Both parties filed evidence affidavits. Perusing the entire case record, Forum-1 president C V Surya Bhaskaram and Member K V R Maheswari observed that the opposite parties belong to Srikakulam are directly under the control of opposite parties 1 and 2 (CMD and Chief General Manager) whose Corporate office is in Vizag which clearly indicates that the Forum-1 has the jurisdiction to proceed further with the complaint. Disconnection of power supply continuously for 15 days appears as wilful negligence of the opposite parties with which the dairy proprietor suffered a lot in cleaning and feeding the cattle and thus resulted in procuring low quantum of milk. After taking the certificates issued by the veterinary assistant surgeon, the Forum-1 has considered the cost of the dead cow as Rs 50,000 and that of the second one whose internal part was damaged as Rs 25,000. Taking the health condition, feeding and upkeep of the animals into consideration, the Forum-1 has awarded Rs 50,000 as compensation for the loss suffered in procurement of milk.

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