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BJP’s parivartan yatra was assaulted in Deoria by people waiting in queues, says Akhilesh Yadav

LUCKNOW: Becoming the first political leader, yet, to distribute compensation to “victims” of demonetisation, chief minister Akhilesh Yadav distributed financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh each to families of 14 persons who died in bank queues, while trying to deposit or withdraw cash. Criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his ‘notebandi’ order and saying it caused considerable distress and halted economic growth, Akhilesh also said people would stand up against the government and pay them back by voting against them in the impending UP polls. “In the beginning, people were excited and looked at this decision as one that would bring about change. As time has passed, people have died, many have lost their jobs, pay cuts are on the way and the economy has been hit. In democracy, a government that hurts people is paid back in the same coin,” Akhilesh said, addressing a gathering of families of martyrs and demonetisation victims at his official residence in Lucknow. Comparing ‘cashless economy’ with BJP’s earlier promise of ‘acche din’, and referring to both as pipe dreams the PM peddled to the country, Akhilesh said it was upto the government to figure out how to implement its decision. The CM also said that the UP government, despite repeatedly seeking information on it, had not been provided details of the quantum of cash that was being disbursed to banks or their branches in UP. He said, “We will dont know when the conditions in villages will normalise. The government has cheated the economy and set it back. Now, when we talk of going digital, the threat of cyber crime looms large. I ask, Is India ready?” Claiming this was a sign of things to come, the CM also poked fun at the BJP’s parivartan yatra when it travelled through Deoria, UP. “I came to know that then the Parivartan rath passed from in front of a bank, the people in the queue assaulted it. They should learn a lesson and not go too close to banks,” Akhilesh said, adding that the ruling government was constantly shifting goalposts — “they opened Jan Dhan accounts claiming it was for the poor and now say that the accounts contain black money.”

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