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Cartilage repair treatment may prevent joint replacement

Interventions aimed at repairing and restoring the cartilage, a rubbery connective tissue that acts as a cushion between the bones of joints, may prevent osteoarthritis and ultimately the requirement of joint replacement, health experts have said. Knee or hip joint replacement surgery, known as arthroplasty, may put people at increased risk of heart attack immediately following the operation, new research ... Read More »

Losing eyesight is considered the worst of all ailments

If you thought any kind of physical or mental ailment is as bad as the other, you have been misinformed. Turns out, the loss of eyesight is considered the worst handicap of all, finds a new study. According to the study published in the journal Ophthalmology by JAMA, the researchers analysed the results of an online poll of 2,044 adults ... Read More »

‘Striking’ Results from Early Zika Vaccine Trial

Three experimental vaccines being developed by researchers at Harvard’s Beth Israel Hospital and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research had already shown promise in mice — but monkeys are a much better model of how the medicines will work in humans. All three of the vaccines were found to be safe and protected the monkeys against infection with the ... Read More »

What energy drinks could do to your heart

NEW YORK:  The high levels of caffeine in energy drinks may lead to cardiac complications, suggests a case report. The case, reported in the Journal of Addiction Medicine, the official journal of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), adds to previous reports of adverse cardiovascular events related to consuming energy drinks, including abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) or improper beating ... Read More »

Mizoram takes rapid preventive steps to check outbreak of Japanese encephalitis

The Mizoram government has taken preventive measures to thwart the outbreak of Japanese encephalitis following reports of the disease in neighbouring Mnaipur, officials said in Aizwal on Tuesday. “Senior health department officials met here on Monday and decided to take rapid preventive measure across the state,” an official of the health department said. He said that as part of the ... Read More »

States should draw up plans to fight diseases: Nadda

Assuring the Lok Sabha that the government is “vigilant” to control various diseases, Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda urged the states also to draw adequate plans to fight the maladies. “We have been able to arrest malaria. We have been able to curtail and bring down kala azar incidents a lot. We are trying to do our best, but it ... Read More »

Secondhand marijuana smoke shows longer effect than tobacco, study finds

Secondhand marijuana smoke is more harmful for blood vessels more than secondhand tobacco smoke, according to a new study. Research released by the American Heart Associationshowed that exposure to weed smoke for one minute made rats’ vessels less efficient for 90 minutes. A minute of tobacco smoke had similar effects, but only for 30 minutes. University of California San Francisco’s ... Read More »

WHO to launch Injection Safety Project in India on World Hepatitis Day

MUMBAI: World Health Organization is launching an `Injection Safety Project’ in India on World Hepatitis Day, along with guidelines to scale up treatment and care of Hepatitis. Hepatitis is preventable and treatable, but continues to be an acute public health challenge globally, and in south-east Asian countries. Safe injections, blood transfusions and other healthcare procedures can prevent the spread of ... Read More »

Changing weather increases viral fever cases in Delhi

With the change in weather and increasing humidity, doctors in the capital have said there is a 30 per cent rise in the number of viral fever cases thismonsoon season, and cautioned children to take extra precautionary measures. Doctors have also urged all patients of viral fevers to undergo dengue test so that, in case it is detected, proper medication ... Read More »