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Diabetic Mother Gives Birth To 6 Kg Baby Boy In Hyderabad

Hyderabad: In a rare incident, a 29-year-old woman gave birth to a 6 kg baby boy at a government hospital in Hyderabad on Saturday.

According to the doctors at Niloufer hospital, they performed a caesarean section on the woman and the baby is in good health.

This is the third child of Shabana and Wasim who live in Boarabanda area in the city.
The first two babies were born with a normal weight of under 3 kg.

In the first trimester, the doctors had noticed that Ms Shabana was a diabetic and it will be a challenge to ensure the baby grew normally.

Ms Shabana had initially consulted Osmania hospital for the check-up, but to carry her delivery, a special team was formed at Niloufer hospital.

The baby is reportedly the second heaviest newborn in the country.

Gynaecologist Dr M Satyavathi said that gestational diabetes or high sugar levels in the mother’s body during pregnancy often leads to overweight babies.

“Due to high blood sugar levels in the mother, the baby weight increases and regular screening is necessary to ensure the foetus grows normally,” Dr Satyavathi said.

The baby is 21 inches long and will be kept under observation for 72 hours to keep blood sugar related complications at bay, say paediatricians.

“The baby’s blood count and urine profile will be tested and the baby would be checked for neurological deficiencies which are found to occur in large babies. Hypoglycemia or low sugar levels often becomes a problem and has to be corrected,” a paediatrician at the hospital said.

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