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Facebook ditches plan to launch Snapchat-like feature

Facebook have reportedly been testing a new feature called ‘Quick Updates’ which is reminiscent of a similar feature on Snapchat. The feature was tested with only a few users but unfortunately, the feature may never be commercially available.

A spokesperson for Facebook told TechCrunch that there are no plans “to launch or move forward with Quick Updates.”

The report by TechCrunch reads: “Facebook confirms that this was a product that it was testing with some users. The purpose was giving people tools to share with whom they want, as opposed to wider News Feed broadcasting. However, a spokesperson tells me Facebook doesn’t plan to launch or move forward with Quick Updates. So Quick Updates is basically a stillborn feature you won’t see more of.”

Unlike ‘News Feeds’ which posts content on a user’s timeline permanently, Facebook’s Quick Updates would let users post videos and photos to a select few users that could see them for 24 hours before it disappears.

How the alleged new feature works is:

– Once Facebook is updated with the new feature, you would see a smiley-face icon at the top right-hand corner of the Facebook app.

– If you tap on the icon, it will give you the option to share photos, videos and add text to content.

– You will then have to select which friends can view your shared content.

– You will be given an alert when your friends reply, which you can view in your Activity Tab.

Facebook have been introducing many features on its platform in an attempt to broaden its appeal to users, who have been moving to other social media apps. So expect to hear about more features like Quick Updates that are never released to the public.


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