Friday , 23 February 2018
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, Minister Gadkari Dials Highways Chief, As Monster Jams Freeze Gurgaon

As heavy rain left corporate hub Gurgaonstruggling with monster jams for 12 hours, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari ordered the national highways chief to send a team of officials to clear traffic and report to him.

A commuter told NDTV that he had reached home today, 12 hours after he left work last night, as flooded roads stopped traffic.

Many were forced to abandon their cars when they ran out of fuel, and walk three or four km to home or the nearest commute.The abandoned cars on the roadside worsened the situation in some areas, said police officers.

This morning, the Gurgaon police advised people from Delhi, who travel to the city each day for their offices, to stay away.

 Schools in Gurgaon have been asked to shut down for two days and people have been advised to avoid the roads.

More rain this morning meant that those on the roads may not get much reprieve for a few more hours.The Gurgaon police tweeted that flooding at a major crossing had blocked the national highway.

Many were stuck on the road till after midnight on Thursday because of the jams on the highway between Delhi and Gurgaon and other roads nearby.

 Water is being pumped out of badly flooded roads. Haryana’s top bureaucrat has called an emergency meeting to tackle the crisis.

On Twitter, comments derided the millennium city as “Guru-jam” and “the world’s biggest parking lot”.

Images on social media showed long snaking jams and people sitting on the roads, outside their cars. Buses, cars and other vehicles were seen submerged in water.

Road traffic from Delhi to Rajasthan and Maharashtra has been severely hit.

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