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SP MLA got me jailed for ignoring calls: `Boyfriend’

SP MLA got me jailed for ignoring calls: `Boyfriend’

MORADABAD: SP MLA from Chandausi in Sambhal, Laxmi Gautam, who had accused her “husband” of harassment a couple of years ago, which was followed by a messy separation, is in a fresh controversy. Her alleged lover, a local youth named Mukul, has now accused that the MLA was using force to be with him and even got him jailed for “breach of peace” recently when he didn’t pick up her phone.The MLA, however, denied any relationship with the youth and said her political opponents were trying to malign her so that she doesn’t get ticket for the 2017 state polls. Acting on a complaint by the MLA, police arrested Mukul Agrawal on Friday evening for “misbehaving” with 32-year-old Gautam. He was booked on charges of “breach of peace” and remanded in judicial custody for 14 days.
Agrawal, now out of jail, said, “I was framed. In fact, we were in a relationship.But then my family was always against it. It was earning us all disrepute. When I stopped taking her calls, she got angry and filed a false case.” Gautam said, “I am a public representative and get photographed with many. Agrawal has been misusing pictures to tell people he is close to me and even extracted money from some. I was calling him up to clarify this when he didn’t return my calls.”

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